ASP Vitaplex Biomimetic Hair Treatment Shampoo 500ml


Hydrates, Strengthens and Protects the hair, leaving your hair in fabulous condition.


ASP Vitaplex Shampoo hydrates, strengthens and protects the hair, while enhancing the action of Vitaplex. We also love the fact that its sulphate-free formulation mimics the Keratin structure and leaves hair in fabulous condition.
• Hydrates, Strengthens & Protects the Hair
• Enhances the Actions of Vitaplex
• Mimics the Keratin Structure
• Intelligent Peptide Replacement
• Sulphate-Free, Silicone-Free

So, how does this biomimetic technology work? According to the experts at ASP, it actually rebuilds damaged hair.  It allows the hair to respond to colour as well as to appear stronger and healthier.

Follow the ASP Vitaplex Shampoo with the silicone-free Vitaplex Conditioner for irresistible, beautifully conditioned hair.  This Shampoo & Conditioner teamed up with the  03 Bond Preserver – a ‘strengthening treatment’ is absolutely the best way to maintain the significantly improved healthy hair at home.


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